Watch “Jack Savoretti – Written In Scars // 300th Mahogany Session” on YouTube

“Written  in  Scars” is a  very  profound and powerful  song. We can begin to  change our world when we listen  to  our hearts to reclaim our divinity, our true nature. We connect  to  each other through  our hearts to change what’s  around us for  the  better. Who would  like  to  be  part of  a  revolution  of the  heart?


I Will Never Let You Know

This song ” I Will Never You Know” is from the Nashville television series and is this morning’s ear worm. I am in a reflective mood this morning. There has been a big theme of loss in my life the past few years. There are gifts that emerge from walking through the valley, but you have moments too where you feel like your heart got cracked open. Mine is cracked open from grief. God lets the light shine from inside those cracks.

Remembering Christmas Spirit

The holiday season is approaching as shoppers bustle through the Store to get their lists completed. Advertisements show off the latest toys that kids will beg their parents for this season. We live in such a commercialized society that we sometimes forget that the holidays celebrated this time of year have religious origins. Whether you are Jewish, Pagan, or Christian they all share the spirit of giving and spending time with family. Last night my father was admitted to hospital and has been sick for some time with cancer. You never know when those memories you are making with loved ones could be the last ones. This season hold your loved ones close. Those who have much less than you it is worth sharing what you have to give even if it is just your time and a smile. The climate of fear we live with in our world today can start to be turned around if we respond to it with love. Love is such a fierce and pure force that it can work miracles. A miracle begins with a small kindness. Will you do someone that small kindness?


Bittersweet Symphony

Vision springs to mind,

How tea tastes bitter without sugar,

You search cupboard for the sweetness,

Finding nothing there.


We cannot escape from where,

We find ourselves in this moment,

Wanting for tea and scones,

Sitting alone at the table.


Symphony where notes played out of pitch,

I am not following your tempo,

You are not strumming the chords,

We hear the dissonance.


Missing each other’s daily beat,

Most days there is this yearning,

What happened to how you smile,

Hearing now bittersweet symphony.


(c) Amanda Wilson 2014




Wake Me Up

This past week a friend of mine celebrated his 30th birthday, as 2013 is drawing closer to an end I am reflecting on how many changes have happened in the past few years. The song by Avicii titled “Wake Me Up” has two perspectives going on in the song, which is very interesting. On one side you have the youthful perspective of someone bumbling his way through the world. On the other side there are the realizations that come with experience that hopefully do help one to become more awake about life and the world. I am only 34 years old yet I feel like my heart is much older sometimes just through what experiences I had in my twenties and early thirties.

The Promise

Despite life sometimes giving me some difficult things to deal with my heart still has a romantic side. I suppose that little bit of innocence left in me that dares to hope finds inspiration in reading romantic stories, watching certain films and listening to music. I spent the larger part of my life trying to erect walls to preserve the little bit of myself that still felt like it was intact. I almost wondered that if my heart got broke once again would I have anything left? I hope that you enjoy Tracy Chapman’s song “The Promise” as much as I did.