Morning Dew

Rubbing sleep from hazy eyes,
It’s so calm,
Birds chirp outside my window,
My roses open up to the sun,
Dew drops slide down their petals,
I sip my coffee and savour,
Morning’s  peace.


Morning Peace

A house empty with calm silence,

No one has risen yet,

Sun ascending up into the sky.


Stars and the moon nodding off,

Time for them to doze,

Where they meet in the land of dreams.


Tea kettle whistles; alerting me awake,

Eggs sizzle in a frying pan,

Toast meets melting butter.


Hopeful possibilities of a brand new day,

Breathing slowly in and out,

Promising to myself to carry morning peace.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


strange exhaustion body, mind and soul

blood rivers running across pitted landscape

bomb gave church roof impromptu skylight

no sun, moon or stars: only black clouds


why do we fight a war?

old scars and wounds re-opened

anger, fear and pain leading to infection

this veteran withdraws from the battle


walking through the dense forest

sunlight peeking through the canopy

when I reach sanctuary

my soul finds its peaceful home again.


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


A New Year’s Resolution

A New Year’s Resolution

Life’s storms can teach us that only we can be our anchor amidst the violence of the strong winds that buffet us about. Resilience is the ability to surf those waves that frighten us with their uncertainty. It is also about having the wisdom to know when taking action is necessary to change our circumstances for the better. The first few lines of the Serenity Prayer remind us that knowing when to let go of those things beyond our control, when to act with courage, and understanding the wisdom between the two of these.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Most of us who make a New Year’s resolution decide to this year will be the time that they lose that weight, or find a better job. I am making a different resolution this year that I hope will benefit me the rest of my life. My resolution is to live as best I can the first four lines of the Serenity Prayer. I choose peace by letting go and accepting those things I cannot control, and take responsibility for empowering myself to have the courage to face those things that I know that I must change to have a happier, healthier and more abundant life.

It’s a lengthy story how I reached the place to where making this choice to change my perspective came about. It started back in July 2010 when I lost my grandmother to lung cancer. Since this time I have seen my uncle die of the same disease and my father is now fighting lung cancer. My husband, a few weeks ago, was laid off from his job when I was 11 weeks pregnant. Events, such as these, are things that I can only choose how I react towards, and what my perspective will be on them.

In 2012, I made changes in how I care for my health, and a commitment to continue to work towards my own recovery. This year promises to bring many changes to my life through the imminent change of becoming a mother. Even in the three months I have been pregnant my perspective on what I value in life has changed dramatically. I learned this year that happiness, freedom and peace can only come from within me. As Kelly Clarkson sings in “Catch my Breath,” I will no longer be spending my time catching my breath as there is so much more to the richness that is life.


Nest of Comfort


Nest of Comfort

two doves roosting together

you and I

a quiet nest: our retreat from chaos

you holding  me so gently

so my broken wing mends

battle scars on us both

buffeted by cruel winds we were

settling into Creator’s healing energy

we, God’s two little birds

bringers of the olive branch

resting in our nest of comfort

will one day soar in bluest skies

carrying Love with us in our beaks


(c) Amanda Wilson 2012