He is…

He is…

surprise chocolate covered cherry delight

last one in the box


A soft instrumental melody

gently lulling a fussy baby

into deepest slumber


He is the moonlit orb

illuminating the cobalt blue sky

spattered with sparkling stars


A $20 bill found in an old coat

someone forgot about

an unexpected surprise


When I lose my way

he is my north star guiding me


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


Howl by Allen Ginsberg

James Franco reads Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Howl” in this video clip from the film. “Howl” is considered to be one of the great poems of the Beat generation. The poem caused controversy when it was published in the 1950’s. It was the subject of an obscenity trial in 1957 as the poem depicted homosexual and heterosexual sex at a time when sodomy laws in the U.S. made homosexual relationships illegal in all U.S. states. Allen Ginsberg wrote in his poems of his views that opposed sexual repression, militarism and capitalism. “Howl” is the subject of a film starring James Franco that was released in 2010.

A Softer Light

your head resting on a pillow

as I am turning to go: heart’s old longing

to fall asleep in your arms

or share your pillow talk

conversation unfurling in dawn’s early light

your voice travels with me

a soul ache of heart and mind

memory: making love in a softer light

quiet moments never alone with my thoughts

you’re always there

a one heart beating within

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Need Stream

cups of tea to renew the soul

conversation that will last until dawn

passionate kisses making knees tremble

mattress shaking…toe curling…love making

uncover agent cuddle where original safety found

someone who “gets it” for once

willingness to love my inner bad girl and keep her entertained

who won’t try to own me or change me

can tell me what he wants and needs

so I can return his need stream

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Heart Box

a mysterious infection with a raging fever,

beginning with an unexpected message,

what strange delirium!

a huntsman seeking my heart…

maybe it a mercy to carve it out?

instead I lock it inside the heart box

hiding the key where the beloved can find it

for the right time and space.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

My Body as a Map

remembering lover nestled along

feminine curves; arch of my back

roundness of hips and buttocks

a battle scar: numbed area above mons

where they cut through muscle and nerve

arrival of little beloved that 100 years before…

could have killed us both if the scar wasn’t there

intimate sites knowing pain and pleasure’s stores

where my body traveled…

even in the scars, brokenness and pain…

it is still a beautiful map.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Sacred Dream

Misty eyed haze upon early waking

was the mirage you I saw?

your arms around me so briefly then…

an old familiar aching in the chest

a memory of being safe and warm

an inner earth mother’s wellspring nourished

you are….

a dream?

a memory?

an illusion?

or the phantasm haunting my heart’s halls?

you are a strange comfort

during these surreal days where world spins off kilter

my sacred dream

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013