Reflection: Guardian Angel


“Your guardian angels want you to know how much they love you right now. Your angel’s love is completely unconditional and all encompassing” (Virtue p. 23).

My week started off very rough with bad news concerning my maternal grandmother. Grandma became, as I grew into a woman, a cherished friend who accepted and loved me unconditionally. The doctor shared with us that she has leukemia and her prognosis is not good.  The past five years I have lost relative after relative to cancer or illness.

My faith in God is tested right now to its limit. The Guardian Angel card that I drew for the weekly reflection feels especially important to me. It will resonate with any of you out there struggling or needing comfort. We all experience moments where we may feel abandoned by God.

He promises: “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.” (Psalm 126:5)

One way God keeps his promise is to grant us aid through his angels. They are there to assist us and reassure us that we are never alone. We are granted grace, so nothing we say or do will break our spiritual bond to our Creator. They are sent by him to support us in our spiritual growth and how we can be of service to others.

Wishing all of you comfort and sending you much love,



Tuesday’s Reflections : Heal the Ouch

Forgiveness is the healer of the  soul.


This week’s oracle card builds upon the healing began during  last week’s reflection. Forgiveness  of others and yourself  is only a starting  point in the  healing process .  “Heal the Ouch” is a  card that I  drew from  The Enchanted  Map oracle deck. The soul can  be  like a  compass, when we align it to God, our True North. Meanings attached to this card indicate that this is  a  time where soothing  your body, heart, soul and mind is the  focus. If you, dear Reader, resonate with this card then perhaps study  the healing arts, so you can  develop your natural  abilities to restore  wellness in others. It can also point to making an oath to do no harm through your thoughts, words and actions. This card may mean that reconciliations are possible in a  broken  relationship. The theme  of  healing and  connecting  to  others during  the  process has been  a  theme of my life for a  long  time  now. We are  both the masterpiece  and the  work in progress at the  same  time  as we heal.

Amanda  Daoust

Wake Me Up

This past week a friend of mine celebrated his 30th birthday, as 2013 is drawing closer to an end I am reflecting on how many changes have happened in the past few years. The song by Avicii titled “Wake Me Up” has two perspectives going on in the song, which is very interesting. On one side you have the youthful perspective of someone bumbling his way through the world. On the other side there are the realizations that come with experience that hopefully do help one to become more awake about life and the world. I am only 34 years old yet I feel like my heart is much older sometimes just through what experiences I had in my twenties and early thirties.

Reflecting on My Youth

The symbolism in Lana Del Rey’s music video “Born to Die” caught my attention for several reasons. The video opens with a couple embracing with an American flag behind them. The video moves between Lana singing (she’s dressed in white) in a Catholic church and scenes of two wild lovers. You have the suggestion that this good girl changes into a wild woman to fit with the desires of the man she loves. She dies a physical death that leads her to moving to heaven. The song can also symbolize the death of a relationship that no longer fits who she really is.

From my own experience, I grew up in a traditional Protestant home where I was a “good girl.” Growing up traditional doctrine never satisfied my search for spiritual answers. I studied other spiritual traditions for many years. Among some of the spiritual traditions that I have studied include Wicca, Hinduism, Christianity, Paganism, Buddhism and Eastern philosophy. It is actually surprising that I returned to Christianity. What spiritual path anyone chooses is something that should be respected as I think that God leads us down the path that is the best for us.

After I was raped, I tried to fill my emptiness by partying, and getting into relationships where I was more a chameleon than myself. When you believe that you are nothing, but damaged goods, then your choices tend to reflect that level of self-loathing. Nothing could chase away the pain and the emptiness that I felt. About four years ago I stopped running from the emptiness and began to face it. I am still doing this on a daily basis. Healing takes a really long time, and the road is a long one. Honestly, the only answer for me was to ask God the questions directly that my heart had been hoping for. It was at that point the tools and teachers I needed to heal began to appear. He has given me answers a little bit at a time. Even though my youth was wild and had some difficult times…I am grateful for the wisdom that I have learned.