Mirror Play

you saw the red eyed demon within

staring back at you

through mirror’s reflection

what you judge in the Other

your Ego whispers to destroy or deny

what ever the cost you will lash out

instead of facing your own darkness

I am the Other you projected onto

your Ego hisses to destroy me

struck down by fear of

your own reflection


Bittersweet Symphony

Vision springs to mind,

How tea tastes bitter without sugar,

You search cupboard for the sweetness,

Finding nothing there.


We cannot escape from where,

We find ourselves in this moment,

Wanting for tea and scones,

Sitting alone at the table.


Symphony where notes played out of pitch,

I am not following your tempo,

You are not strumming the chords,

We hear the dissonance.


Missing each other’s daily beat,

Most days there is this yearning,

What happened to how you smile,

Hearing now bittersweet symphony.


(c) Amanda Wilson 2014




Where Love Resides

silence walking home on a snowy night

as the moon keeps me company

a silver orb and comforting guardian

light playing passionately with the shadows


as I am not alone then

an angel’s wings cover grieving parents

who gently nurse their broken hearts

their little spark left them too soon

her bright laughter touched many hearts

she is still there in their love


the bowl of soup filling up a growling belly

a hug shared between two friends

wiping away a baby’s tear

your blue eyes reaching into my soul

these are all places where love resides



You are answer to my question,

A heart has only one question,

Lifetimes spent seeking answers in wrong places,

Your touch sends sensations surging through me,

Allow your mouth to meet mine,

Nuzzle my soft hair with you nose inhaling its scent,

Vanilla and flowers you say,

Damn the consequences or our fears!

Our love and our passion defies the rules of time and space,

Interlaced we both are together,

You and I.

Sharing a heart, mind and soul…

Physical merge so we are interlaced together.

What Happened?

Days blend together in mundane fog

we speak same chit chat

Honey, how was your day?

you stopped asking me about mine

lacking interest beyond bills and baby

what happened? where did we get lost?

a spontaneous touch along my back

or passionate kissing in our kitchen just cause

do you know that I miss you?

as days blur together admitting loneliness

becomes the futile exercise

so I stop asking what happened

reckoning day will arrive

will you notice that I am gone?

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Mirror Play

I touch the reflective glass

you try to pull me through

who is reflected here?

not the daughter…

not the mother…

not the wife…

not the teacher…

not the lover…

not the body I occupy…

can we get lost in each other?

uncertain if you are mirage or hyper reality

searching for someone on the other side

as through the looking glass I step

are you waiting for me there?

so many forms fell away 

and the last one pools at my feet like silk

naked before you I am

dancing mirror play