Girl They Want to Fuck

It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for…

Or so they say,

From puberty they could smell it,

She would try to hide it,

Behind her innocent smile,

Searching for something deeper,

Promise of it disappears and reappears,

Initiated into sex through violence.

She deluded herself into not caring,

They fuck. They leave.

She craves safety,

No longer wanting to be,

Girl they want to fuck.


Aphrodite Wounded

man speaks of her beauty defined,

she is a goddess incarnate,

when joined to you,

in passion’s throes.


give back what you stole!

you didn’t deserve her body’s temple.

love’s rain quenches her wrath:

manifested as churning stomach’s pit.


as divinity resides within her,

you will never see her tears,

she will hold her head high; with eternal grace

you will not witness Aphrodite wounded.


You are answer to my question,

A heart has only one question,

Lifetimes spent seeking answers in wrong places,

Your touch sends sensations surging through me,

Allow your mouth to meet mine,

Nuzzle my soft hair with you nose inhaling its scent,

Vanilla and flowers you say,

Damn the consequences or our fears!

Our love and our passion defies the rules of time and space,

Interlaced we both are together,

You and I.

Sharing a heart, mind and soul…

Physical merge so we are interlaced together.

Defying Lines

Air buzzes with charge between them

splitting sandwich in late night deli

conversation floating on and on…


What’s said matters little

pheromones released into the air

scent of her perfume drifts into his nostrils


She fascinated by his hand gestures

and warmth in his eyes…

rare quality man who listens and can also speak


It hangs in the air…mind seduction

only matter of time before their bodies follow

passion play: defying society’s lines


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


grinding internal gears as I am

walking along China’s great wall

off into cliche sunset…



you are inside yet outside

moving into my cells

ghost walking through them



one who is always there

you upset my false peace

one who strokes my hair



you try to tumble them down

when another body meets you

I rebuild brick by brick as new word arrives


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Numbering Stars

Too lost in your soulful eyes

as I carefully turn rice paper pages

wearing cotton gloves so oils don’t smear


A story old as uncharted stars

am I really yours to possess?

deciphering an ancient language using soul’s Rosetta Stone


Exploration: caress your body’s nooks and crannies

hands trace transcendental trail

I am on a sacred mission


Inner knowing that one will surrender

to the higher law

whether you or I are above or below


Catch me as I fall into you

our passion play: as two merge into one

our souls numbering stars.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Fifty Shades

two from different worlds

favour for a friend opening a door

a powerful man more than a little broken

fifty shades of fucked up

a beautiful disaster

a woman with innocent eyes and a feisty spirit

unexpected love story or a power play

submission and domination: flipping switch back and forth

hard and soft limits

how far will you go for love?

a red room: pleasure or pain’s domain?

tools of the exchange…

riding crop

butt plug


ben wa balls

turning each other inside out

passion bursting the heart open to love

a crushing then healing emerges from the mess

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013