Beauty’s  paradox lies in her mystery,
Her landscape changes form,
With life’s seasons.
What wondrous shapes she takes,
Lying on her side,
He traces with gentle fingers…
From softness falling at the nape,
Across shoulder’s sinew and bone,
Down to delicate decadent bosom,
He lingers in the mountains then he…
Rests his hand in waist’s valley,
He could slumber with her,
Solace found from life’s battle,
His hand caresses her hip,
He pulls her closer towards him,
To lose himself in her softness.


White Knuckled

Tension building…building…building…

Opposite polarities colliding into each other,

Our mouths are hungry to taste,

May I get lost in you for a while?

Crashing waves of pleasure sending me into shock,

Body shivering; not from the cold.

White knuckled and pale my hand clings to yours,

It feels like I’m dying,

Am I dying?

Looking at you in the moment,

I know that I have.

Girl They Want to Fuck

It’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for…

Or so they say,

From puberty they could smell it,

She would try to hide it,

Behind her innocent smile,

Searching for something deeper,

Promise of it disappears and reappears,

Initiated into sex through violence.

She deluded herself into not caring,

They fuck. They leave.

She craves safety,

No longer wanting to be,

Girl they want to fuck.

Fifty Shades

two from different worlds

favour for a friend opening a door

a powerful man more than a little broken

fifty shades of fucked up

a beautiful disaster

a woman with innocent eyes and a feisty spirit

unexpected love story or a power play

submission and domination: flipping switch back and forth

hard and soft limits

how far will you go for love?

a red room: pleasure or pain’s domain?

tools of the exchange…

riding crop

butt plug


ben wa balls

turning each other inside out

passion bursting the heart open to love

a crushing then healing emerges from the mess

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013


Exploring Sexual Depths

Last night I had the opportunity to go out with a friend for a beer at a local bar. Now these days with having a one month old son I don’t go out as often as I did before having a child. A bar is a funny place because if one really decided to observe you can almost cut sexual tension like a knife between two people. Often they may be strangers, or even those who just haven’t explored their passion for each other yet. In my blog I will be exploring some ideas around sexuality through my creative writing. “What would happen if we kissed” is a Meredith Brooks song that had me thinking about something that happened last night while I was out with my friend. An attractive man at the bar smiled at me as he was getting his beer then joined his friends. It had me thinking creatively about passionate encounters between strangers. What great story ideas one can get out of a “what if” scenario. I hope that you enjoy my future blog posts and all of you have a great weekend.


My Body as a Map

remembering lover nestled along

feminine curves; arch of my back

roundness of hips and buttocks

a battle scar: numbed area above mons

where they cut through muscle and nerve

arrival of little beloved that 100 years before…

could have killed us both if the scar wasn’t there

intimate sites knowing pain and pleasure’s stores

where my body traveled…

even in the scars, brokenness and pain…

it is still a beautiful map.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Wild Fires

in the spaces in between our hearts

it continues to rage

despite time and distance

tended as gentle embers when apart

needing little kindling to burst alight

doesn’t require a glance or touch to spark

your kisses or caresses melt me down

like metal transformed into molten liquid

wild fires can bring such devastation in their wake

yet the heat of fire opens up pine cones, seeding the future

wild fire passion purifying my heart’s core love


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013