Anam Cara (Soul Friend)

Two souls known to one another,

We may meet on the train,

Or in a dark smoky pub,

We are not strangers,

I walked with you in the garden,

Your presence like slipping into a warm bath,

Time and distance have us ebb and flow,

When we meet again on the road,

It’s like we never said farewell,

You arrive at my door,

I am your home and you’re mine,

my anam cara,

my beautiful soul friend.


Are You Lonely?

Are you lonely?

We all long to remember,

When two were one.

Some journey the seven seas,

Marry someone to share nights and days,

Others drown out the loneliness…

Numbing the hollow pain with the bottle,

Chasing the latest high,

Raid the fridge for binge then a purge,

Others dive into one night’s passionate embrace.

Why are we so afraid?

We were one created into two,

Remembering home is all we can do,

Can you feel Love of home?

When we see with the heart,

Then two are made one part.

Night Moves

Just you, me and our thoughts

gentle voice heard in the mind

once upon a time…

those words thought to be only my own


Tied to you by the red thread of fate

unsure of quite how we are

a story in an epic adventure penned by us

cannot read ahead to ending

both hoping that it will be a happy one


Sitting in a coffee shop at midnight

looking out at the quiet street

sipping a cheap coffee made perfect

by the pecan, cinnamon and apple explosion

your spirit sitting next to me in the window’s reflection


Into the night I wander as you slumber

yet you travel beside me

my faithful soul connection gazing at bright stars

midnight and cobalt blue sky lit up

and the night moves along with us


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

How I Wish

How I Wish

It was more than just a dream,

to recline in those arms of yours,

to believe for a briefest moment,

love can last forever.


The two souls calling to each other,

not blocked by distance or obstacles,

even though you aren’t mine,

your soul has a claim on my heart.


A memory of two bodies entwined together,

your caress moving from hair downwards

finer than Japanese silk,

so gentle yet igniting something thought dying.


Around you my heart and soul glows,

a light that cannot be hidden,

you have a bright beacon,

one you haven’t even seen yet.


How I wish that I could hold

a mirror before you,

so you could gaze at your own reflection,

seeing all that I see in you.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Heart Box

a mysterious infection with a raging fever,

beginning with an unexpected message,

what strange delirium!

a huntsman seeking my heart…

maybe it a mercy to carve it out?

instead I lock it inside the heart box

hiding the key where the beloved can find it

for the right time and space.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Spiritual Laws of Intimate Love

One topic that interests me these days is learning about different perspectives on love from a place of higher consciousness, or soul connections. Deepak Chopra has some very insightful writings on spiritual development, soul mates and some other spiritual topics. This video touches on the stages of spiritual love. Hope that you find it to be insightful viewing.