Oh how we distract ourselves,

from expectations gone awry,

subject behind our addictions,

such silent afflictions,

so afraid of what society does spy,

scared sheep placing dreams onto shelves.


Lost in the fear of suffering,


don’t dare to look back at your reflection,

calling ourselves the names we hear,

ego tripping on itself,

when I choose courage over fear,

residing in a joyful moment,

when I stand my ground.


My Body as a Map

remembering lover nestled along

feminine curves; arch of my back

roundness of hips and buttocks

a battle scar: numbed area above mons

where they cut through muscle and nerve

arrival of little beloved that 100 years before…

could have killed us both if the scar wasn’t there

intimate sites knowing pain and pleasure’s stores

where my body traveled…

even in the scars, brokenness and pain…

it is still a beautiful map.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

moment’s pause to catch my breath

its hollow sounding rattle rasps

reverberating conic echo

strange silence inside the hurricane

coiled spring inside my broken chest


for one last collapsing breath

exhaustion beyond reason’s solutions

seeking true home’s tranquility

remembered in eye of the storm

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012

The Long Road

The Long Road

Hard times have captured us both

Sitting outside my window

Hearing the roaring of the wind

It froze us to the bone

You wrapped me in

your threadbare coat

Around my shivering body

We traded smiles on the fire escape

Until they called me back inside

To hear the yelling once again

Of their silence


I can be your forever angel

Forgive me for I have sinned

I will sin once again

If it means that you will be near

Thoughts of those eyes piercing me

How did you know what I was?

How could you love me still?

Despite the long road

We are doomed to follow

Until we have a heart home

We will shield our secret

From their stares and jeers

Love can prevail

You taught me this

About the long road

(c) Amanda Wilson 2012

When You Give a Damn

When You Give a Damn

it’s gonna hurt

when you see, hear, or feel

around those who suffer

those whom you love

it will twist in your gut

like someone stabbing you

when taking away pain

isn’t an option

may even anger you

when he or she lives

definition of insanity

expecting different results

from doing the same moronic thing

over and over again

you’ll love them

any way

cause you give a damn

(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson

Destroyed Innocence

Destroyed Innocence

She crouches in a corner of the closet

He robbed her of her trust

When she screamed as he gave into his lust

God didn’t return her deposit

Of the virtue she once possessed

She scrubs and scrubs away his scent

It continues to haunt her futile rent

When she survives to clean up her messed

Body and soul ravaged by his abuse

Someone else will reach for her in love

But she views it as a too close shove

Tears drown her still little girl refuse

Her innocence was brutally stolen

By a human demon incapable of recanting

All that is still bound for decanting

Innocence destroyed in her days of golden


(c) 2012 Amanda Wilson

Sacred Love

Unconditional love is a rare treasure to be found here on earth. It is love without condition, or attachment. The heart has to be very strong to face the tests and trials that must be experienced before it enjoys this treasure. Those who experience suffering have to learn how to re-open their hearts, become balanced through healing, and willing to receive this gift when God sends it. It’s only when we let go, and trust in God that our joyful journey begins. All the challenges that we face are worth even one moment of unconditional love.