A Blessing

A blessing sent to and from the Beloved.


Little Beloved

a small fist around my finger,

your father’s blue eyes,

and my dark brown hair,

a little prince who could break my heart,

you draw so much out of me,

and your innocence brings it back,

to the heart center…

layer after layer peeled back,

unconditional love not understood…

until you cross the hardest thresholds,

where your deepest fears are faced,

in the return to original wholeness and deepest love,

for my little beloved.


(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Embers Gently Tended

Writing under the moon’s luminescence,

remembering you above me as cozy star blanket,

we are the falling starlight.


One comet split into two tails,

far from the Soul’s Nebula,



Down to a temporary home,

on a mission of loving grace,

I landed far from my Beloved’s place.


Never forgetting…

embers gently tended,

recalling always your beautiful face.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Writer’s Thoughts in Morning

Breathing slowly in and out; sipping on tea number one,

seeking blue sky mornings,

same shade of dream lover’s eyes,

a little sadness upon waking from the dream,

oh what a lovely dream it was!


Black cat with amber eyes watching me,

sympathy for only the moment,

sniffs at milk in tea on my desk,

draws meditative focus to her window perch,

her mysterious gaze turns to bird watching.


Whistling kettle steam aiding words flow,

make love to the page as if,

I was lost in kissing you…gentle lover of the dream,

under us a soft blanket of grass near the waterfall,

above us Van Gogh’s Starry Night.


Where ever the beloved is…

my heart does travel with you,

even though I thought that I stopped dreaming,

long before your eyes met mine,

you’re with me in early morning cups of tea and poems.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Love in a Thousand Ways

glancing back down the road…

I gave and received love in a thousand ways

nurtured as a daughter by my parents

grew with others as a sister

played, cried and laughed as a friend

whispered in the dark as a lover

sharing my day to day as a wife

embarking on new adventure as a mother


to a rare few I am the Goddess within

a soul unscathed by passage of lives

a soul half to you, beloved.


seeing a soul’s majesty

being the great Divinity within you

love me by being yourself

what you are doing right now is perfect

for the present moment we are in

whether you wear the hat of a confidante or something else

you love me in a thousand ways

(c) Amanda Wilson

Heaven’s Fire

can our small human bodies

provide enough space to meld together

two majestic souls

what is being asked of me?

road I take alone for now

each step a test from loving Source

red thread binds me to you for eternity

we originated in heaven’s fire

touching you felt like coming home again

pilgrim’s path I walk alone to find just me

so some day I can return to you

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Heart Pull

Heart Pull

every now and then it returns

universe laughing at its ache

heart pulses like it will explode

so much love there it overflows

can it just let me forget you

a little peace without strange tears

your name mentioned by chance

stumbling across what you love

so the waterfall rushes over

acceptance it may be a lifetime

without you

universe does not allow me to forget

does the heart pull haunt you too?

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013