Soul Cravings

The video posted here is the trailer for a short video series based on Erwin McManus’ book “Soul Cravings.” The book is one that I am presently reading that has me greatly intrigued. McManus suggests that human beings have the intrinsic cravings for love, destiny and meaning that are placed there by God. What intrigues me is the idea that desire can bring one spiritually closer to source drawing us home like a magnet. I enjoy McManus’ conversational writing style and his exploration of these idea in a spiritual context. There aren’t too many Christian authors that I have enjoyed reading as I find them too preachy, or they lack the ability to entertain along with delivering their message. McManus manages to write in an entertaining and very unique way. His book and the short films are definitely worth reading and viewing if you are interested in humanity’s spiritual searching.


Embers Gently Tended

Writing under the moon’s luminescence,

remembering you above me as cozy star blanket,

we are the falling starlight.


One comet split into two tails,

far from the Soul’s Nebula,



Down to a temporary home,

on a mission of loving grace,

I landed far from my Beloved’s place.


Never forgetting…

embers gently tended,

recalling always your beautiful face.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Peace Treaty Desire

It comes as a painful aching,

strange pulling within my chest,

is the pain from you or I?


Lungs singed by napalm blasts,

angry word bombs raining from the sky,

both riddling each other with bullets.


Where is the love?

Neither one budging in negotiations…

He said…she said…the wasteland.


Walking from the battleground,

head hung in Soul’s sadness,

unfulfilled peace treaty desire.

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Collision Course

how I’d love to talk to our great mystery maker

on subject of divine timing

pick Creator’s brain and ask


everything I thought I know turned upside down

you are a celestial gift

one beautiful soul deserving better than me

better than I can offer you

you tried to show the soul’s beauty

you’re a lot more than even you know

thunder and lightening on a collision course

changing landscape of all I know

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Thunder and Lightening Lovers

Picture Credit:  Can you feel me by Toni Carmine Salerno
Picture Credit:
Can you feel me by Toni Carmine Salerno















Thunder and Lightening Lovers

darkened sky looming over lush lands

her breast touching his chest

caressing each other; sending sparks

lightening streaking the sky

as they touch one another’s celestial bodies

Mother Earth and Father Sky’s rendezvous

they dot each other’s bodies’ with kisses

thunder claps to their rhythm as they move together

sky cries a torrent of tears as they reunite

their passionate lovemaking opens Nature’s heart

ripping it wide open then allowing a breath exhaled

we awaken in the sunlit morning

to find all refreshed and renewed

in the aftermath of thunder and lightening lovers meeting

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013

Speaking to Soul

I don’t know how to speak to you,

not since childish innocence,

confronted with darkness within myself

All parts denied or long hidden away

Until a ripping open of Pandora’s box

where only one important ingredient remained hidden

as it did not escape

dear Soul where have you been?

where are you hiding in the muck?

a golden orb that flickers still

can you light the rest of my way home?

(c) Amanda Wilson 2013