Heart’s Fire

When you look at me,

Travels down to my essence,

You set my heart ablaze,

Oh how I love!

Yearning to give you all of me,

For you I kindled the spark,

And you’re learning to tend the fire,

Passion is the match,

Respect is the kindling,

Love is the wood that keeps it burning,

My soul knows you’ll learn,

About the heart’s fire.


Train Wrecks

You are a beautiful disaster,

I love your messiness,

Reminds me to love my imperfections,

We collide into each other,

Setting off a chain reaction.

It could be a train wreck,

Or the lotus emerging from the mud,

White, pure and oh so beautiful!

All I know is that I love you.

Anam Cara (Soul Friend)

Two souls known to one another,

We may meet on the train,

Or in a dark smoky pub,

We are not strangers,

I walked with you in the garden,

Your presence like slipping into a warm bath,

Time and distance have us ebb and flow,

When we meet again on the road,

It’s like we never said farewell,

You arrive at my door,

I am your home and you’re mine,

my anam cara,

my beautiful soul friend.

Are You Lonely?

Are you lonely?

We all long to remember,

When two were one.

Some journey the seven seas,

Marry someone to share nights and days,

Others drown out the loneliness…

Numbing the hollow pain with the bottle,

Chasing the latest high,

Raid the fridge for binge then a purge,

Others dive into one night’s passionate embrace.

Why are we so afraid?

We were one created into two,

Remembering home is all we can do,

Can you feel Love of home?

When we see with the heart,

Then two are made one part.

Wild Hearts

Glance catches two souls on fire,
Your arms around me; a promise.
Innocent kiss to my head,
It stirs up nostalgic echoes.
Paradise found then lost.
You cracked my heart open,
God flooded so much light in…
Where Love for you and all dwells,
There’s  always that ache…
For all of me to entangle with all of you,
Our bodies to rise then fall in a sacred moment,
Returning back to our innocence.

You Can Let Go

Those of you who are followers of this blog may have noticed that I haven’t posted very much recently. Writing has always been a great comfort to me during difficult times. This holiday season brings my family a difficult gift. It is a gift because it is bringing my immediate family closer together as we prepare to say farewell to my father who is in the final stages of his battle with cancer. My Dad has had to let go of me, his daughter, at different points in my life so I could grow into the strong and loving woman that I am today. We had a conversation about a week ago that was the hardest one of my life. I told him that I knew that he was dying, that I loved him and that we would all be alright when it was his time to return home. Letting go of those you love is one of the hardest aspects to sharing unconditional love with others. You feel quite frankly like God has cracked your heart wide open. It slowly comes back together when he fills it with such a deep and true love. That love is the gift that comes during times like these. I am love and so are all of you.



A Difficult Gift

We were one with galaxy’s center,

one divided into two,

carrying part of the other’s fire.


You are the wind up key for the clockwork,

a mechanism that I don’t comprehend,

only known to one watchmaker.


You are the charcoal,

activating the painful purge,

a poison keeping me comatose.


You cut open the snake bite,

sucking out the venom,

then spitting it on the ground.


You are the surgeon,

who must cut carefully around the bullet,

before it travels to my heart.


You are my soul’s catalyst,

a rare sacrifice to love so deeply,

to hurt just enough to heal.